In Baton Rouge, the vast majority of small businesses reside in garden office buildings. Unlike high-rise, multi-tenant structures, these spaces have one floor and are directly adjacent to parking. Garden office buildings have their own unique characteristics differing from more traditional types of commercial properties. I compiled a list describing the most important aspects driving demand for these spaces and some general criteria to meet when selling.

  1. Floor plans

Due to the limited size of some of these buildings, efficient floor layouts are extremely important for buyers and often outweigh a great location. These locations can’t afford to have wasted space, and buyers take notice of inefficient designs very quickly. 

2.Exterior Aesthetics

Utilizing high-quality materials like brick is an excellent way to bring added value to buildings; garden offices are no exception. Nice exterior materials are noticed immediately and age far better than cheap alternatives. 

3. Interior Finishes

Although overlooked by some, I always recommend for developers to purchase high-grade interior finishes. Real wood doors, quality hardware and well-built fixtures are all wise investments for these spaces. As the building ages, interior finishes are often the first things to break down, and the initial investment will come back to developers tenfold.