When preparing to list raw land, commercial real estate brokers often deal with sellers lacking the proper information needed to effectively market the property. This is especially common in situations where a family-owned parcel has been passed down for generations.

Despite consistent ownership, most sellers just don’t have the data required for an accurate listing.

A proper survey or site plan is the perfect way to easily gather all the relevant stats you’ll need. It’s absolutely fundamental in establishing basic information such as definite property size and boundaries. Surveys can also identify potential problems like wetness and floodplain issues.

I highly recommend spending the money up front so the property can be priced appropriately and future disasters can be avoided. If potential buyers discover issues it will undoubtedly lead to a drastic price reduction and the property sitting on the market for extended periods.

When preparing to list raw land, having accurate, appropriate information is vital for effective marketing. A simple survey and site plan that identifies potential issues upfront can help you benefit from a seamless transaction with higher profits.